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Metrica6 launched the MIMEX Pilot store on 9 November. It will be open during this week.

The current week the second pilot project of MIMEX SHOPPING will continue open to

the public so it can be visited by different users.

With the opening we invite different stakeholders to come and get to know the project.

Ours actions are driven in order to increase the visibility of MIMEX SHOPPING.

We hope to be enriched with the different opinions and feedback received through the

assistance of different users such as researchers, the research group of the University of

Málaga, students and from the staff of public and others agencies.

The feedback that we have mentioned is of great importance for the MIMEX project

since, thanks to it, the project advances. This will allow us to implement significant

improvements in the field of user experience, to see the features demanded by the

different stakeholders and those that may seem interesting to users in this project.




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