Our smart weight sensors prototypes,
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Inside the MIMEX shop, we can take all the products we need or we want and, through the cameras and sensors, MIMEX systems know which products have we taken, and automatically these products will be added to the cart.

by Metrica6

MIMEX, let’s make the stock


One year from its beginning, the development of the testbed continues at the Bruno Kessler Foundation.
Spindox Labs and CEFLA take us through the environments created to test the efficacy of the applicable solutions in the retail points of sale


Interview with the Spindox Lab


24 months to spread the smart retail experience across Europe
From Trento, MIMEX is the Micro Market Experience project

A European project lasting 24 months and an international consortium to develop it. The goal? To reconceptualise the retail shop, offering a complete and financially sustainable solution for the setup of a self-checkout micro market. We have talked about this with Cristiano Carlevaro and Mario Conci, respectively the Managing Director and the Project Manager of Spindox Labs.


Practical technologies for Smart Shops Part 2


Part 1 of this article introduced the technologies of the MIMEX project, focusing on the use of computer vision (CV). As mentioned there, CV allows MIMEX to recognize both people and objects without the need to add explicit, wearable/mobile tags. While this offers clear advantages, including ease of installation and use, by its nature, CV suffers from object occlusion (when objects are outside or hidden from the view of the cameras), poor lighting conditions (in which objects in the resulting images cannot be distinguished from one another) and cost (as one of the mitigation techniques for occlusion is to add multiple cameras, even in a small space).

Practical technologies for Smart Shops Part 1


Unmanned shopping markets are completely self-service and self-checkout. The registering of bought products and their payments is monitored by distributed sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and dedicated mobile applications. From the moment customers enter smart shops, their route, the products they browse, pick up, place in their baskets and replace on shelves is monitored. What customers are looking for is a just-walk-out experience. 

Press Release


MIMEX, the Micro-Market Experience project funded under the EIC Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) measure, is now underway. A consortium with roots in Italy, Spain and Turkey has been created to spread the smart retail experience at a European level over the next two years.