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The Project


The SMART RETAIL market is a constantly evolving business sector; and technology driven futuristic SMART shopping stores are becoming trendy and available in the globe.
The business prospect of SMART Retail business; by 2022, the revenue will raise to $1.6 billion. Despite the trend towards online shopping, it is predicted to remain at 80% of global sales until 2025.
It is the second largest service sector after financial services, generating 4.5% of the value added in the economy of the Member States and providing 8.6% of all jobs.

MIMEX is divided to 6 Work packages

WP1-Project Management, Coordination and IPR;

WP1 will ensure the overall project management towards objectives and compliance of all activities with the Grant and Consortium Agreements. In particular, handling of all administrative, financial and legal aspects, including innovation management and IPR-related aspects.

WP2-Requirements and overall conceptual design

WP2 aims to define and understand the evolving needs of stakeholders and to ensure that the architecture and system components are being developed in line with requirements.

a) Collect and structure requirements from the complete value chain;

b) Ensure the adoption of a Human-centric approach, which will guide the implementation of the system. 

Image by Jo Szczepanska

WP3-Development and Engineering of MIMEX

First action will implement a system to track the position of customers during their shopping experiences.

Next Task would develop a complete object detection system that will recognize objects as they are taken and placed on the shelves.

The third task;

Developed the applications used by the different actors involved in the MIMEX scenario:

a) customers: they will be provided with an application to enter MIMEX, shop, pay and exit;

b) managers: they will have access to a web-application to monitor the supply status, monitor the status of the sensors and inspect the camera recordings.

This task will also implement all the backend services required to run the whole system.

Final task would complete ERP and WMS integration at HEPSIBURADA.

WP4-Industrialization and certification of MIMEX.

WP4 aims to industrialize and engineer software and hardware components of MIMEX in line with the requirements defined in WP2 and WP3. A specific objective is the accomplishment of the conformity of MIMEX to EU certifications.

This task will exploit the smart shelf weighting system developed for the Intelligent Shelf (TRL6) with the aim of creating an industrialized version that can identify when particular objects are removed or placed on a shelf. After completion of technical installation;  Consortium would apply for European Safety and Quality  Standardization for certification.

Designing an Application

WP-5 MIMEX pilots and validation

Consortium will study and prototype different scenarios in order to combine reliable mechanics and sensors, evaluating pros and cons both from performance point of view and from cost point of view.

Leveraging the activities of retail design and configuration of the previous , after a preliminary setting up phase aimed at the definition of the case the task will launch the installation and effective usage of MIMEX at HEPSIBURADA’s & METRICA6’s premises.

Final task; analysing the results of the implementation of MIMEX in the real context.

KPIs for accuracy and robustness will be defined and used to quantitatively evaluate the performance of the algorithms and outcomes. Empirical evaluations of usability will be run with real users.

WP6-Business strategy and market expansion.

WP6 aims to define an appropriate exploitation and sustainability plan including measures for identification of relevant markets and analysis of existing business models and focused on creating value.

a) Develop a sustainable Business Plan and the Go-to-market strategy;

b) Analyze implementation and operation costs in order to define price policies and forecast benefits;

c) Activate outreach plans to widening the market opportunities with business partners.

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